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Recovery is Everyone's Access to Life. (REAL)

Helping Alaskan families find solution and support in the face of our addiction crisis here and across the nation.


Our support meetings are open to anyone suffering from addiction. We recognize addiction as a family disease and all family members need acceptance, support, and understanding.


We sponsor annual events to raise awareness and build community support for solutions and access to recovery.


The Anchorage Opiate task Force (AOTF) was formed to provide a point of connection for existing programs to coordinate services and for any one to find a way to become involved and make a difference addressing the opiate epidemic in our community and beyond.

Our Mission

We are actively fighting the drug epidemic our state is facing. We bring awareness to the community and connect families and addicts with recovery resources. We are actively fighting the drug epidemic by being solution driven in our goal to save lives.


Our support meetings are about shattering the stigma for those addicted and their families.

We know from personal experience it is not just the addict themselves that suffers from the isolation and cultural shaming of addiction. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children ALL feel the pain of secrecy, silence and separation from friends and family that simply don’t understand addiction and its treatment. Healing is about connection, understanding and empathy from people who “get it” and are living it with you.

Our support meetings are held on the second and last Sunday of each month from 3 to 5 pm at the Anchor Park Methodist Church, 2300 Oak St. in Anchorage. We welcome anyone who has a desire to find solution to the impacts of addiction.

Stay Connected

Events- In September 2018


This year will be our fourth annual community wide rally on the park strip featuring speakers and creating connection for those impacted by addiction and those lost to addiction. Bringing light of awareness and connection and diminishing the stigma of addiction.


This year will also mark our second annual Walk/Run for Recovery. An opportunity for everyone to embrace health, life and community. This year it is on Saturday, September 15th at 10 AM.

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